Motorsport needn’t cost a fortune

At the top levels like Formula 1, motorsport teams have huge budgets, but there are grass roots alternatives in which it’s possible to compete without breaking the bank. In some cases you can even use your ordinary road car to take part. Here are a few popular examples.hillclimb

Hillclimbs and sprints

This is one of the very simplest forms of motorsport, where drivers compete against the clock rather than against each other. There are variety of different classes which range from road cars up to high-powered specials, so there’s room to progress as you improve. You’ll need some basic safety equipment but otherwise the costs are relatively low.


This too is competition against the clock, but it involves negotiating an obstacle course; driving around cones, stopping in marked out boxes and so on. You can compete in a standard road car, again there are different classes, and there are events around the country.

Navigation rallies

Unlike championship rallies, which are all about setting the fastest pace, a navigation rally involves following a route and arriving at checkpoints at the right time. Competitors have to stick to speed limits and there are penalties for being too late or too early at each check. Rallies are usually run at night when there’s less traffic.


If you prefer your motorsport on two wheels a good low-cost option is beachcross. As the name suggests it involves racing motorcycles or quad bikes on sandy beaches. Riders do need to have an MCF competition licence in order to take part.