Best Tools For Fast and Effective Car Repairs

When working as a mechanic in a racing situation you are going to need the best tools around you to ensure fast and effective repairs. Below is a list of the top 5 that will make the process that much faster and easier;racing mechanic

Top 5 Tools

1. Racing Jack:

When you change the wheels (for different tyres or due to damage) you are going to need to do so safely, with speed and ease. Racing jacks are different for a few reasons; they can be elevated in just a few pumps , they have padding to prevent damage to the vehicle and they are lightweight for ease movement.

2. Portable air tank:

Tyre pressure really matters when trying to beat your time on the track, so don’t waste fuel, energy or time and keep this handy little sidekick close to pump up your tyres.

3. Small mirror and a flash light:

These may not seem like tools at all, but you really cannot do without either of them. No matter how well lit the garage is, or how bendy you are, a mirror and a flash light can reveal problem that you just can’t normally see; you’ll want to find these quickly and effortlessly to minimise the repair time.

4. Wheel air gun:

This will undo the bolts on every wheel in 2 seconds flat, this will not only save you time in a race situation, but also save energy and reduce the potential for injury to your wrists.

5. Stringo Vehicle Mover:

In order to avoid noise, exhaust fumes or if the car won’t start then you would normally have to roll up your sleeves and push; Pushing a vehicle can be both dangerous and stressful but Stringo have made it simple and fast.Stringo is the leading manufacturer of vehicle movers in the world. Their innovative designs mean that the job can be done with complete ease. Because of their 30 year old history, Stringo has a lot of experience in their field.These are the basics for any racing car mechanic to ensure that they can carry out their work fast and effectively; There are obviously many tools available, but these will get you off to a healthy racing start.